Therapeutic Parenting Intervention


Our therapeutic parenting interventions are focussed on strengthening families and enhancing relationships through the provision of advice, support and consultation. The interventions build confidence and skill in parenting, increase parents’ motivation to take a therapeutic stance and provide children with the experience of receiving attuned and sensitive responses.

Therapeutic parenting interventions may be particularly useful as a preparation/precursor for Theraplay, DDP or Lifestory work because they help to establish a foundation of security and safety within the attachment relationship thereby enabling greater progress within subsequent therapeutic work. 

6 Session Model 

This model provides low key support for parents/carers around a specific issue such as a significant family or life change, a school transition, or traumatic event e.g. loss or divorce. 

The intervention may also be of particular use in early stages of adoptive placements or to support transitions into permanency, as a way to promote attachment formation and sensitive parenting.  

12 Session Model

This model is a more in-depth therapeutic parenting intervention. It is a strengths based self-reflective approach focussed on building parent/carer resilience and capacity, facilitating positive and attuned interactions between parent/carer and child, and enhancing emotional connections. The intervention will draw on Theraplay techniques and DDP, and may involve meeting the children.

Prices start from £60 per hour