Theraplay is a child and family play based therapy which enhances the security of attachments between adult and child and builds on the emotional connection thereby building trust, confidence and self-esteem.  

Theraplay is based on the natural patterns of playful, healthy interactions between a parent and an infant, and sessions involve a child and parent playing simple connecting games together, led by the Theraplay practitioner. Through this process the child experiences joyful engagement, internalises positive messages about themselves and learns to let go, relax and build trust in parents. Theraplay helps children accept deep care, attention and nurture from their parents/carers and this enables them to heal early hurts and fill unmet needs. Alongside direct Theraplay sessions, regular review sessions with parents/carers give opportunities to develop self-reflection, attunement, and build therapeutic parenting skill. 

A typical Theraplay intervention consists of approximately 25 sessions over 6-9 months; including a number of assessment and planning sessions, direct sessions with the child and parent review sessions. 

All our Theraplay interventions are provided by fully certified Theraplay practitioners.  

Prices start from; £4320  

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